Sunday, November 4, 2012

St Gerald Mens Club now has a Facebook Page

I know...there goes the neighborhood.
In an effort to communciate with younger parents, I decided to build a page.

If you have an account, "Like it". We need to get this sucker up to about 50 likes today for the feed.  Invite other St Gerald FB friends you have. Male or Female.
Reason being: The FB posts will be more public and brief, info on upcoming events.  If there is a specific MC need, here is where I will post it.

If you do not have Facebook account, that is fine. Consider yourself blessed.
These email posts will still come as normal.

We will see by December how many "Likes" we get.
I promise to never post an "LOL" or "JK" on the site.
Man card will be shredded.


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