Monday, August 26, 2013

Meeting September 5th

We have a meeting on September 5th, at the Fellowship Hall at 8:30PM.
Several items will be on the agenda. But there are two items we need some immediate assistance prior to that meeting.

We need help this week:
1.  Husker football starts Saturday.
Tom Ecker needs to sell his last twenty sheets for the Husker Pool before Friday.
Payouts are now $60/qtr instead of $50. This should speed up sales.
If you need sheets, email Tom. Let's get those last 20 sold before Friday.

2. Chris Hanson needs help for Hog Heaven setup, working and tear down:
Signup Sheet
Please email Chris at to signup. Chris encourages spouses and kids to fill slots.

Sorry for the short notice. back to school, sports, family wedding. My dog ate my homework, etc.
Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated.

Sept 6 Agenda:
I have booked the Fellowship Hall for all meetings on the first Thursday of the month at 8:30.
The only conflict is November, but we can use the gym, or that booking may fall through, and we will meet at the hall as normal.

Casey Hoffman is selling tickets for Lancer Hockey Night, Saturday, January 11th. Better buy em now. Its a great night. Contact Casey at
Casey also just deposited $9k in the account from scoreboard sponsorships from TripleM and Don and Rons Carstar. Wow. Thanks, Casey. And thanks to our gym sponsors.

I believe the Santa Breakfast is Sunday December 15th. Jeff Moore will have the details for the meeting. If you want to contribute funds, contribute service, be Santa, email Jeff:

I have booked the gym for Trivia Night on Saturday, April 5th.
Dave Browning and I will coordinate the evening, but need help. If you want to help, email me:

Sorry this is a longwinded email post. Please help address the Husker Pool and Hog Heaven signup this week, and we can talk about the other stuff at the meeting in 11 days.

Rob Mendick