Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Breakfast with Santa update from Jeff Moore


Our December 9th  Sharing the Spirit of Christmas Breakfast is free of charge to the community. We will be seeking toys, books and puzzles for donations to a worthy cause. If they don’t bring gifts, families can make a donation to the St. Vincent DePaul fund.

We would like to underwrite the cost of the food with donations from Men’s Club Members and/or members of the parish. Cost of the food is estimated to be $1200.  I am asking if your family or business would like to donate $100.00 to help sponsor the breakfast. Todd Lynes will make up placemats that will thank the underwriters of the breakfast. Please contact me if you are interested at 402-630-9247 or I have committed $100 and I hope that I can count on your support or I will have to go to the Knights and ask them for help.

I really think this is a chance for the Men’s Club to shine in the eyes of the parish and the community.

Also, we will really be needing a lot of volunteers for this event. I will get a sign-up sheet out to you shortly. Sign up early-I know where you live.

Thanks so much,
Jeff Moore

Sunday, November 4, 2012

St Gerald Mens Club now has a Facebook Page

I know...there goes the neighborhood.
In an effort to communciate with younger parents, I decided to build a page.

If you have an account, "Like it". We need to get this sucker up to about 50 likes today for the feed.  Invite other St Gerald FB friends you have. Male or Female.
Reason being: The FB posts will be more public and brief, info on upcoming events.  If there is a specific MC need, here is where I will post it.

If you do not have Facebook account, that is fine. Consider yourself blessed.
These email posts will still come as normal.

We will see by December how many "Likes" we get.
I promise to never post an "LOL" or "JK" on the site.
Man card will be shredded.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tonight! 6pm for Sausage, 8:30 meeting, apparel website

Tom Ecker needs every swinging sausage to make sausages at 6PM tonight at the fellowship hall.
Meeting @ 8:30PM, Chiefs should be down by 4 TD by then, so you have no excuse to miss tonight.

Primtetime Site for Pride Gear is up!!
Enter code: Pride2012
Good looking gear!
Get your orders in before they shut down the orders in a few weeks!!
All orders placed/purchased on the site.
Orders delivered to you at school and/or next Mens Club event.