Friday, December 6, 2013

Followup from last nights meeting

We are still looking for help for upcoming events in our Parish before next meeting.

-Lancer Hockey Jan 11th.
Buy your tickets now for hockey night!!!!!
We are behind in sold numbers, so let's pick it up. 

-Painting rooms at the church. Siedlik signed up for painting rooms at the church next Saturday, December 14th, at 8AM. (The left over beer form the meeting is in the kitchen fridge, Jeffrey).  I am sure they will need more help, whether it is taping, sanding, painting, etc. Email Nick Steinbach, for more info.  Your spouse and kids are welcome.

-Living Nativity at the school December 22nd: 5PM -8:30PM.
Need one parking attendant helper. You’ll be working with Marv Schrage. Sorry.
Need two drink servers in the gym. No spiking the punch. That’s my job.
Need two perpetual adoration members in the Lakeview chapel for one hour. This could be you and your spouse, or two of your kids.
The nativity will be fun for your little kids to attend, so might as well chip in, if you are already going.
Respond to me, so I can check it off, and relay the list to Amanda Forman.

-About the ceiling:
Ecker contacted Nick Steinbach already today about the dishwasher.
Notified Thursday night about the issue, calls Friday morning. Great stuff, Tom.

All your help is resonating positively.
Much thanks,

First, thanks to the Men's Club for stepping up with the donation of a hood for the dishwasher in the kitchen.  I discussed this with Tom Ecker this morning (Friday) and there are some things we need answers to before we can go any further. 

#1. We need the lab report from Liquidfoam for an exact answer of the paint peeling question. We do not have that yet and it would be misinformation to say it is the dish washer. From the kitchen is the only 'speculation' that has been made. 

#2. The Angel Auction is 100% to fund a complete kitchen remodel from the recommendation of the kitchen committee.  An architect has been contacted and this is proceeding.  Part of this will include new equipment. It would be premature to install a hood at this point to only remove in the near future.   

Matt Pelan may have more answers if he has communicated with Liquidfoam since I have.  I am not aware of any new developments than what are outlined above.  

When I do know more I will include yourself and Matt in any communication so you can relay to the Men's Club. 

Again,  please pass along to the Men's Club members our gratitude toward this project.  I, like so many others would like to get this going. But, it is important that we do this project for the long term success of the Parish and School.

Thanks a million. 

Nick Steinbach