Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Meeting Thursday October 3th, 8:30 at Church Hall

Oct 3th Meeting:
Well, Fall sports are in full swing. As a dad, it is quite tiring to run from one practice to another game, get home at ten and do it again in the morning.  Personally, I love help dragging my daughter's home field in my work khakis and dress shoes.  That being said, I will not take much of your time Thursday night. If you have 45 minutes, I'd appreciate your participation at this month's Men's Club meeting.

Treasurer Report
Collections for Pools
Jim Heim: New AD/Money
Ideas for events:
   Eric Crouch Night for Kids.
   St Columbkille Bowling night.
Upcoming Events Reports.

Start at 8:30 at the church hall. Plenty of football/baseball games to watch, cards, food.
Bills vs Browns should be at the lowest priority, unless you have a terrible fantasy football team. Andy Miller is making chili. He doesn't know it yet.

Thanks gentlemen,