Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pick up your Pool Sheets, next meeting


If you have not picked up your pool sheets, Contact Tom Ecker today or tomorrow to make arrangements.

Tom is about out of sheets, so thanks greatly for your support. 3k profit. Done. Thanks to Tom, so I dont have to sell raffle tickets.



The next Men’s Club Meeting is a week from tomorrow. September 5th at 8pm on 96th & Q.

I would assume it will be a heavy agenda on the festival, so please try to attend to see if there are last minute things we need help.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tom Eckers Husker Pool

Tom Ecker has not received a good response yet for the Husker Pool.
Please email him for a number of sheets to get for your friends, coworkers, dog, etc.

First husker game is Sept 1st.
That's 12 days left to contact Tom.

This pool beats selling raffle tickets.
And doing extra breakfasts, fund raisers.Its a no-brainer.
Understood, it's a crazy time of year with back to school and fall sports starting.
A simple email to Tom gets you in.

St G Gaming Committee Chairman.